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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

You are my everything~~ ♥

Love.. its what keeps me going..
it keeps me wondering during the day.
and keeps me awake at night..

it really makes you think about everything..
it makes you believe that there's hope..
and makes you wonder at the same time..

it makes you smile.
and makes tears fall at times.
but makes you feel at home..

its confusing at times.
but when your with that person..
you know everything will be okay..

when your in love...
its impossible to let go.
and even more impossible to forget..

funny thing is when you loose that person you love..
no pain can even compare.
it feels like you've died and came back..
completely empty..

but love..
its everything..
and you are my everything..


Norasikin said...

Naik bulu roma bila dengar ayat2 cinta. Kalau baca kurang sket la

siti said...


HaKU yG CoMeY said...

norasikin-bace kene mendalami...kalo dgr geli2...tp dlm hati ada taman...

k.citi-npe ayok????